Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Pictures from Our New Beginning

Almost everything is planted for the fall. Students spent this weekend helping mulch the garden with pineneedles from the arboretum and recyled newspaper from the University library. Now that everything is set in motion, Students for Sustainability will be establishing a daily schedule for garden managment where at least one student will be going out to the garden everyday. The purpose of this schedule is multifaceted - while students police the garden for unwanted visitors (bugs, weeds, deer, etc), they will also have a chance to watch their creation come to fruition. Of course, the best and most delicious part of the gardening process is eating the food you've grown.

Students play in the children's garden nearby. One, Lizzy Beale, becomes part of a human sun dial.

Thanks to the arboretum staff, Students for Sustainability re-used this bamboo to support the tomato plants during the summer. The student group will continue to recycle them.

The peppers are staying around a little bit
longer. These are the spiciest of all that were planted in the summer.

These mushrooms were hiding by the front gate. Aren't they beautiful?

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